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Professional Activities

American Academy of Appellate Lawyers

Prof. Kionka was among the first fifty lawyers in the nation selected to be Fellows of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers. The Academy was formed in 1990 to advance the highest standards and practices of appellate advocacy and to recognize outstanding appellate lawyers. Membership is by invitation only, and limited to 500. Prof. Kionka served as a member of its board of directors and on committees. He is a past chair of the Eisenberg Prize committee.

Appellate Lawyers Association

Prof. Kionka has been a member of  the Appellate Lawyers Association since 1969. The ALA is comprised of experienced Illinois appellate lawyers who practice in state and federal reviewing courts. Prof. Kionka is a former president (1977-78), former member of the board of directors, and a regular speaker at ALA programs.

Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions in Civil Cases

Prof. Kionka was appointed Reporter of this committee by the Illinois Supreme Court, serving from 1979 to 1995. The committee drafts and revises the Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions (Civil) which, by Supreme Court rule, are used in civil trials throughout the Illinois court system. The Reporter maintains records of the proceedings of the committee, maintains the various drafts of the instructions, and frequently assists the committee with research and drafting. He is also a voting member.

Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education

IICLE, created by the Illinois State and Chicago Bar Associations, provides a comprehensive program of courses and publications to assist Illinois lawyers in their lifelong legal education. Prof. Kionka was the Executive Director of the Institute from 1965 to 1967, and thereafter was a member of its board of directors for 18 years, serving as chairman (1983-84), vice-chairman, treasurer, and chair or member of various committees. He has also planned and participated in various Institute programs and publications.

Judicial Education

Prof. Kionka was a Professor-Reporter (teaching faculty) for a number of continuing education programs for Illinois judges, including ten times at the Illinois Judicial Conference, the statewide meeting of all Illinois judges, and four times at regional judicial seminars.

Sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention

Prof. Kionka served as Special Counsel to the General Government Committee of the Sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention in 1970. He prepared a report and recommendation for a sovereign immunity clause which was adopted by the convention and became part of the 1970 Illinois Constitution.

Illinois State Bar Association

Member of ISBA since 1962. Member, ISBA Assembly (1990-92); member (1979-85) and chair (1984-85) of the publications committee; chair, Special Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct (1980-82); member, Tort Law Section Council (1970-72); participant and speaker at various programs.

American Bar Association

Member since 1962. Participant and speaker at programs.


A national association of legal writers. Member, board of directors, 1993-94.

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